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What are turbo options

Turbo Options are a unique way of making money on currency exchange rates. Unlike Forex, you don’t have to buy or sell currency. Instead, you simply make a prediction, whether the price of the asset will go up or down, and receive your profit in case of a correct forecast.

There is no need to conduct in-depth analysis and study theory for months. Use basic information about the market to evaluate the situation and make your choice.

Making profit with Turbo Options is not only easy, but also extremely fast with the minimum and the maximum duration of the deal being 30 seconds and 5 minutes respectively.

Start trading right now! Select the asset and examine its price fluctuations for a couple of minutes in order to catch the trend. Choose the expiration time and investment amount. Then simply push “Call”, if you believe that the price of the asset will go up, or “Put” if, in your opinion, the price will go down…

And receive your well-deserved profit!


1. Assets. Select the asset that you want to use.

2. Expiration. You can choose between deals that expire in 30, 60, 120, 180, 240 or 300 seconds.

3. Amount. Enter the amount of money you want to invest. The more you invest — the more you earn.

4. The graph that depicts the movement of the asset price.

5. “Call” and “Put” buttons. Click “Call” if you believe that at the expiration time the price of the asset will be higher than it is currently, click “Put” if you believe the opposite.

6. Expected payout, $. A sum of money that you will receive in case your forecast turns out to be true.

7. Payout % indicates the percentage of your investment that you will receive as a profit in case of a successful deal.

8. Open and past transactions. This tab will give you information on the instrument you are using, date and time the transaction was opened, your bet and profitability. Take a look at all open and past options — analyze profitable deals and learn from unsuccessful ones. Plan your investments and build long-term strategy.